Antivirus Softwares

Just wondering what everybody is using for Anti-Virus software.Just using Windows defender right now.Any benefit in using 3rd party software.

I used to use the AVG free version before I switched to Mac and found it to work very well.
Found this link which might be of interest to you:

The best antivirus is don’t run widows :wink: pity its not an option for many.

Over the years I’ve tried a number of AV products, but always come back to the built-in AV in Windows. It’s been good enough for me. And to follow up on the wiz’s comment, probably the best AV product is: don’t connect your computer to the internet…

Sadly for a roon server thats a bigger issue unless you can firewall it off for everything but roon connections and I assume tidal as well. That said I do run windoze defender too. But seldom use the PC for anything other than Roon and related installs for DAC drivers that might be needed for testing and of course the unavoidable windoze updates.