Any 30 or 60 days trial?

I been pushing getting the trial of roon for when I have more time, and since now I’m forced to stay home I want to give it a go, so I’m asking if anyone have a code for an extended trial :smiley:

Roon has a 14 day free trial. Did you use that trial previously and are looking for another?

Cheers, Greg

nope, I just want a longer trial and I hear there are some coupons

The one’s I have seen, you get when you purchase certain Roon ready devices, etc.

I think sotm, sonore and lumin have 30 or 60 day trial codes but don’t quote me

OK well Sonore definitely had a 60 day trial, cant find my 2nd hand Lumin and SOtM boxes to check

Theres always the 12 USD version :grinning:

what 12 usd version? of roon?

He is making a joke.

Maybe in these interesting C19 times they will extend the trial period…21 days perhaps…but with so many home bound now you should have more time to be familiar with roon perhaps too

yeah thats why im going to do it now, But i give it a shoot to the chance to get a longer trial, Guess nobody have a code to spare or at any at all :sweat_smile:

Man, if you couldn’t find 14 contiguous days to test Roon when you were working every day, why do you need more time when you’re home? Start the 14 days, and play with it 14/24/7, then decide if you like it!

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I guess you could use a 2nd email & creditcard to get another trial period but that would mean scanning your library again…but maybe a viable option if you so desperate…Or just ask roon for an extension like others have done…cant say they will grant it tho.

I knew in the first 3 days of my trial that roon was for me and the only issue I had when the trial ended was changing to lifetime but Kevin sorted that out in a flash and that was almost 4 years ago now.

My sense of humour backfired, i missed a zero , 120 usd an annual sub

30 days will not scratch the surface of what Roon has to offer

Bite the bullet for a year , if youre not hooked bin it

You can get a 30 day trial with Native DSD, and you can also download a free DSD sampler album:


would it be possible to have a coupon code to download this album The Roon DSD Sampler?

I emailed Roon about the Roon DSD Sampler album and they said they don’t have codes for it anymore. But you can download NativeDSD’s own sampler for free, just create an account.

ok thanks!

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Just do the 14 day trial. It won’t take but a few days to decide if you like Roon or not. Then, invest $119 for a year’s subscription. After a month or two more, you might to decide to go lifetime, if it’s still available. That’s how it played out for me.

This offer is long expired, sorry all! We do not have these codes any more.

What about an old code for 60 days! Are they still valid?