Any lovers?

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Any advice as to marrying and ROON?

How you do?


Manual tagging

(Doug Ogilvie) #3

Manual tagging?.. Gross!

Anyway to group source this metadata amongst us ROON users?

Or is that un-cool for some reason?


You obviously need a decent tagger. Pretty easy to leverage track tags from studio albums for these albums. Just need a tagger that makes it easy.

(Doug Ogilvie) #5

Thanks for your suggestions but mostly what I’m interested in from is live shows.

Not sure what you mean by “leverage” but it sounds exhausting.

(Tony) #6

I wasn’t familiar with but I was curious. I can see there is a lot of interesting live recordings. I imagine that the quality is very variable as is the tagging. A lot also available @ 24/96 using high quality recording equipment.

I randomly downloaded some Tedeschi Trucks Band & New Master Sounds. Recordings were of good quality and artwork and basic tags like artist, track title, track number, recording date and venue were already in place. So I just copied the downloads directly into a roon watched folder. I manually set a few edits in roon (live, bootleg, recording date for example) but that wouldn’t be necessary if that wasn’t important to you.

It’s probably a bit hit and miss but I guess in many cases you can just download the files and copy them into a roon watched folder and they will just show up in roon without any further intervention.

(Ben D) #7 usually needs tagging. Clearly you haven’t discovered the joy of .shn files yet

(Tony) #8

No. Didn’t know about .shn files. Roon is quite limited in file support so those would have to be converted, probably to flac if a utility exists? And if there are no tags it starts to be a project. Still, a great resource for live music I see.

(Ben D) #9

They’re pre-FLAC era lossless files that don’t support tags. Very easy to convert them to FLAC, but it’s a pain in the ass.

Download .shn > convert to FLAC > tag > add to library. It’s just an extra step, but yeah.

(GaryM) #10

Love for live shows. I download the FLAC files I want to keep. On Archive there are always .txt files for a show with track names and other info. Make sure to save the *.txt file within the same folder as the audio files. Then use foobar2000 and the “live show tagger” component to add track names:

  1. open audio files in foobar2000
  2. Right click, select “tagging” then “live show tagger”.

In most cases, this will correctly fill in track names. I then use mp3tag to do further tag cleanup before adding the show to my permanent collection.

(Doug Ogilvie) #11

Thanks fellas.

I am very aware of convertors and taggers. If it bothers you that I don’t want to do it the overly laborious “old way” then please just ignore this thread and move on.

I’m looking for either, a faster automated solution or a group source solution.

Something like this:

How about a list of shows/albums that is already converted and tagged and a one click add to your ROON. To get access to the list you have to convert and tag a show. For every folder you convert/ tag you get to download 5 folders.

“Obviously” and “Clearly” (do you really talk like that or is this your internet persona??)
There may issues, like copyright stuff, etc., but lets try to be positive. As I tell my kids, be a problem solver not a problem identifier.

(GaryM) #12

It was others that used those words in a post, but I can say I use both those words every day in normal conversation. And even words like “notwithstanding”… :wink:

(GaryM) #13

Sorry to be a problem identifier, but has about 3PB of data stored (a PB = 1 million gigabytes). I personally donate to them every year to help pay for this. So whoever hosts this download site will need quite the storage…

(Doug Ogilvie) #14

Not talking about downloading the whole site, sillywonkinobie. Just a couple hundred shows or so.

And this doesn’t need to be a formal dl site… maybe just 10 (or 20…) of us that like the same kind of music(for me… Dead, Allman Brothers, Stones, Little Feat maybe some live Blue Grass, etc…). That would be more than sufficient for me. Maybe call it the “Lazy Listener ROON Arhcive Club”. With a secret password… like “Rosebud”.

No more problems, just solutions please.


Seems to me you’re the one with the problem. Best you find the solution.

(Ben D) #16

With the right tagging program it doesn’t take much time at all. I like puddletag. It works like excel, easy to mass tag things like Artist, Album, Year, etc. and for track names just type type type and fly through them.

You’ll spend far more time and frustration trying to find an automated solution, I know from experience.

Hell, I know people who manually tag their own CD rips rather than using the automatically populated tags. These are the people that are very meticulous about organizing their library and want everything in a specific, uniform format. Manually tagging everything also seems to be the best way to get accurate genre tags. Other than Roon, the genre tag gets no love out there.

(Doug Ogilvie) #17


Ive gone through the process a few times and it was quite laborious. I’m sure it one of those things that one gets better at after experience. I’ll check out puddletag.

Having said that… I would like to form or join a “club” to group tag selected shows. W the premise that goes something like… tag one get 5 kind of thing.

(GaryM) #18

I understand you want to simplify, but to be crystal clear (I hope), the approach I gave you early in the thread requires 3 mouse clicks and no typing or entering of data in virtually all situations with shows. Hard to get any easier than that.

(Doug Ogilvie) #19

Wow. OK then that sounds like what I’m looking for. I’ll giver it a try.

I’m all about- no typing.

(GaryM) #20

of course the 3 clicks are after you install foobar2000 and the live show tagger component. But that’s a one time thing and all are free and easy to install.