Any audible benefit in using an LPS with a Nucleus?

Hey guys, we’ve all heard that a linear power supply improve the sound of certain audio devices. I was wondering if it would be beneficial to replace the wall wart that came with my Nucleus with an LPS.

Have any of you tried this and what were the results?

Since Nucleus is a digital audio server, it doesn’t matter what power supply it uses.


This might be an interesting read…

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I, for one, am a little disappointed that my Nucleus isn’t a bit more discriminating about what plugs in.

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moderators should lock this thread. It has been discussed endlessly and the result is always the same. If you let it go long enough you will get equal parts

  1. No, it can’t possibly matter
  2. Yes, it definitely makes a difference
  3. it depends

it is never settled, the debate is always the same, and it is not only endless, it is endlessly tiresome

now let’s move on

Jeez, what a killjoy!

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Ummm, you do realize that you have a choice of which threads you read, right?

ummmm, you do realize my point is no less valid? This “discussion” will go the way of

  1. do ethernet cables make a difference?
  2. do ethernet switches make a difference
  3. does anything in the digital realm make a difference?

it will result in much pontification and no useful exchange of information… you can search here and any other audio forum and find the same useless, endless debates just like the one theHammer pointed out… in other words … it is another complete waste of time

now, everyone move on, nothing to see here

uh… unsure what @NipperDog is up to, but he already posted a nearly identical topic here:

closing / unlisting this thread. we have the above thread already.