Any benefit to adding master clock to dCS Network Bridge with Devialet?

That is because the point of first reflection is immediately 6 inches ahead of the lowest point of the Tower speaker. There is a carpet right there to take care of it and there are absorbers and diffuses on the ceiling above as there are on the sidewalls. A real-time analyzer showed the table being too low and not at the point of first reflection. Listening to the sound with and without the table in front made no difference in the sound at all. Do you follow it now?

I had a day with my amps on these Vienna Acoustic speakers. If you’re into getting voices spot on natural, they’re the speaker to have. Very impressive.

Very true, I have had quite a few People tell me That it’s time to replace my speakers because they’re almost 10 years old. Why should I try to fix something that isn’t broken? There are also a tremendous value at $32,000, when I bought them they were $27,000. Even a small speaker like Wilson DAW is now $37,000 and the Alexia II is a whopping $60,000. If you appreciate Good music and are not impressed by big names and inflated prices, you can’t go wrong with this one

Now you mentioned the price I’ve had another look; they’re the top model. The ones I listened to where the Liszt, the model below. I believe in this price range it’s hard to find bad speakers. It’s more about what flavour you want. I really liked the naturalness of the sound. What I couldn’t live with is the extended highs. They’re great, don’t get me wrong, but I only have one ear that can hear that high and that pulls the focus to the other ear. It’s better not to have the highs and have an equal sound from each side. I’m going to see whether I can have my other ear fixed and then I’ll give them another go. They’re definitely worth it and definitely worth the money. They’re probably some of the most underrated speakers around.

One of the things that drives the price of any product is the amount of budget spent on marketing it. A lot of manufacturers are into extremely aggressive marketing and they most definitely recover that cost from the end-user. Vienna Acoustics is a very small company that focuses on quality products without creating much of a marketing hype. Mark Levinson, Krell, Dan D’Agostino, dCS to name a few drop tons into the marketing bucket. I personally believe that I don’t have to pay for their marketing costs. It doesn’t even cost $10,000 to manufacture the Wilson audio DAW for example but it costs $37,000. Pay for the music, not the brand’s image

Nice setup!