Any chance of porting this to the Amazon Fire HDX device?

Pretty amazing, I got this installed and running on a Kindle Fire HD - 3rd Generation.

Gives new life to a device that has not been used in two plus years!

The 7" Fire for $50 is 1024 x 600 – no wonder this thing is $50 – my phone has 4 times the pixels.

Anyway, that thing will be able to run the phone UI when it is released (no date scheduled yet).

Thanks as Roon Remote now works on my cheap Fire tablet :grin:

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I’ll second that. That $34.99 Black Friday deal I scored last November is finally useful.

The same two Black Friday special I purchased.

not on my fire 8 kindle? how did you proceed?

Sorry for the delay but I have been on for awhile. Basically I downloaded from Amazon the “Easy Installer” app. When you download from Roon the APK remote file, it should be it in the Fire’s download directory. When you launch Easy Installer, you should be able to find that file and then follow the prompts to install the APK for Roon version xxx. It worked for the remote app for my Exogal Comet Plus DAC as well.

I would mention though on most the Fire’s you can only run it in portrait as it says the resolution is not high enough for landscape.

You can side-load a Google Android APK. The development differences between regular and android and kindle flavor android are just with Amazon specific services - ie the Amazon store integration and Amazon Device Messaging instead of GCM.

You could probably turn around a full kindle release from an android base in a couple of man-weeks depending on needs and on how efficient your testing is.

Side load is just a case of pointing the browser at a download URL. If you don’t need store integration or messaging then all you should have to do is make a convenient download available. You could maybe add an update check web API call to your download server for side load which would be little effort as otherwise side-loaders may not have a means to know if there is an update available depend on how this aspect of your app works.

I literally just finished doing a Kindle release of a product for the company I work for from an Android base last week for side load with ADM support added as this product uses push notifications. Most of the couple of weeks was fiddling with ADM config and testing for multiple build variants (because the ADM key is tied to the application-id which is tied to build variant). The ADM integration didn’t take long (in our case it involved server side integration for ADM too). We didn’t bother with store integration at this time however.

for us it’s purely a release thing as we dont use GCM…

We never really took interest with the Amazon devices because we feared the HDX line was a one time thing, and so far it has been. The HD line showed some promise, but while they do work, they are really behind the times. It’s not something we’d encourage by supporting officially. Let’s see if it goes somewhere…