Any chance to add Antenne Rock Classic Perlen Radio


it would be great if you could add the Radio Station Antenne Rock Classic Perlen. The page

has the streaming links, but they don’t work directly.

Thank you


Hello @Ingo-K , It’s there, search for Rock Antenne: Classic Perlen.

Strange it can not find it. Actually I don’t find a lot of stations:

Any way I can reload the radio station library?


The drop down possibilities don’t work for radio stations. Type at least rock antenne and hit return. Then scroll down.

Tried it - doesn’t work

Any idea?

Interestingly, if I select Language German at least 2 “Rock Antenne” stations show up. But only 2 …

No, use the magnifying glass, top right, not the filter

Thank you - that worked!

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Excellent. And sorry, I should have spotted the issue at your first screenshot.

No problem - thank you for the quick help.


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