Any Dirac readers care to comment?

I got a new NAD C658 and fooled around with Dirac this afternoon. What is this telling me? The room is large and wide open, speakers are Dynaudio Focus 110A 2-way monitors sitting on bookshelves about 10 feet away from listening position. I “think” bass got somewhat better defined when I engaged the filter. And playback lost a little volume. Not a great difference, and anyway I more often listen off to the side instead of directly centered. But the mic cord wouldn’t reach that far.

Don’t forget to download the NAD target curve and apply it to your filter. There’s one that goes up to 500Hz and one for the full frequency range (if you paid for the upgrade). Both will make your music sound more dynamic. You can find the file at

The default flat curve is still the one I would recommend for everything that’s not music though (TV or whatever). Good thing you have up to 5 slots for different filters.

Thanks for the tip! I wasn’t aware of the NAD filters, but I will sure try them out.

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Should I apply the target curve manually? All I see is a text file with some values for breakpoints and some other parameters.

You apply the target curve by loading the file within Dirac on PC. Have fun experimenting.