Any disadvantage to having ROCK access music from windows share

So I have successfully migrated my roon core from a windows 10 i7-3770k PC to a NUC with i3-6100T. At this time I just pointed the ROCK storage folder to the old music file over the LAN and it seems to be working fine. It is a gigabit connection with both computers on the same ethernet hub and the files are stored on an SSD on the i7-3770 PC, which will remain on all the time also as this PC is the plex server in the house also.

my collection is small for this forum’s standards, only 200 gb

Is there any reason to go thru the trouble of converting to internal storage, either via USB 3.0 flash drive or an SATA drive in the nook? Or are network transfer rates usually fine in my type of situation where this is not necessary.

I am just plugging the DAC into the ROCK core, and wow does it sound better than with the windows 7 PC + rasberry pi and Ropieee. Should have done this a long time ago!


From a technical point of view, there should be no problems (errors, malfunctions, etc.).

The only disadvantages are:

  • Increasing traffic in the local network.
  • Possible lower speed for some actions in Roon.
  • To listen to music, you must turn on your Windows computer.

If these are not inconvenient for you, then you are ok.

Dennis. With a small collection there will be no issues. But with a small collection transferring them to internal storage would also be trivially easy and cheap. That would give you stability and less reliance on your network.

This is how I’ve been using Roon for the past 2 years. In fact for me the Windows 10 “server” and ROCK NUC aren’t even on the same network switch. I’ve played up to 512DSD files with no issues. The Roon responsiveness remains nice and snappy.

Like you, I’ve wondered if it would be worthwhile to move my files (500GBs worth) to a drive on the NUC. But, I can’t come up with a viable reason to do it. I like the flexibility of having the files on a Windows share. Plus, I use iDrive cloud backup and it’s much simpler to back up my files this way.

There is also a disadvantage of moving audio files to NUC ROCK: in case of reinstalling NUC ROCK, the audio files are lost and must be copied again (so it is mandatory to have a backup).

That isn’t true. You should always put music on its own physical drive on a ROCK/Nucleus. You only lose your music if you put it on the same drive as your ROCK/Nucleus software.

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It is true. :slightly_smiling_face:
In order ROCK to use any internal drive, ROCK needs to format that drive. As far as I know, ROCK is not accepting already formated internal drives.
This is not applying to external drives (USB or network shared).

They can be pre-formatted. That is how mine got into my server. Formatted and loaded with music. So long as it is EXT4 it should be fine.

Are you using ROCK or Roon Core installed on other OS?

Here is an excerpt from Roon KB: “Internal storage (for music content) WILL be reformatted, so don’t put your music on it and expect it to work… you will need to copy your music to it via the network share exposed, or via Roon drag/drop import”.

That was the very process I was trying to avoid. It is ROCK but it isn’t hard to preconfigure the disk then find a much quicker way to get music on to it.

Format it in ROCK and then move it. Do not assume ext4 will just work.