Any edit saved in the album options page, wipes out values set/created with Edit Album

Anytime I use fix track grouping or identify album and save the results, it wipes out the data I have saved using Edit Album - here I use the Version field to display, VINYL, HDTRACKS, etc. I have just been living with it issue but I someone needs to document it so it gets fixed.

I agree that it should be detailed better. But, I do not think that is a bug, I think that IS the way the system is supposed to function. Roon will treat any re-identification as though it is a whole new album. Same with editing Album for grouping etc.

Perhaps, it would be better to restate this as a Feature Request for an option to retain album edited data through a re-identify or an Album Edit.

But, @support should be able to let you (and I) know. If it is as I suspect, I’ll be happy to move this thread over to the Feature Request section.

Thanks - if support says this is the way it is supposed to work, please move to requested new features