Any experience with newly Roon Ready Krell Vanguard DAC?

Hello, all. I’m a new joiner here and new Roon subscriber. I’m interested to hear if anyone has experience they can share with the Krell Vanguard DAC that just became Roon Ready. I’m in the market for a Roon endpoint for my main system, and I’ve been thinking about the Bryston BDP-2 or BDP-pi. The Krell looks like another strong option.

Hi, I happen to be a Krell rep based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. My company is called Zidel Marketing. We just finished the Montreal Audio Fest, in which we ran the Vanguard DAC with Roon. It was not only flawless, but quite frankly, a wonderful experience. Roon really takes digital music enjoyment to the next level. I loved it so much that I included it in the equipment description of our room, when Art Dudley from Stereophile dropped in and asked me to describe our system. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. Rich. You can find me on my web site and Facebook.

Hello, Rich. Thanks for replying. Glad to hear about your experience at the Montreal Audio Fest.