Any experience with Roon Nucleus and Focal Arche DAC/amp

Does anyone has a Roon Nucleus connected to a Focal Arche dac/ amp? I am thinking off buying a Nucleus to hook up to my Arche. Arche does not work well with my Hiby R6 pro though so wondering if anyone has experience with a Nucleus - Arche combo. Would be connected with a good USB A to USB B cable. Thanks!

Hi did anyone respond to this? I’m curious as to whether Arche works well if connected to the Nucleus via USB.

Alexandra, nope, did not get any response. Does not seem to be a very popular combination. I never bought a Nucleus but opted to turn my old Mac Mini in a server. There has been a software update to the Arche, but it still has a few quirks. I fairly often need to unplug the USB calbe for Roon to recognize the Arche.

You can follow my support ticket here: Focal Arche + Roon Nucleus+ = Heart Break - Support - Roon Labs Community