Any experiences with the Aries G2 yet?


I have quite the opposite experience. The Aries G2 was a big difference from the mRendu with LPS (that frankly gave about the same performance as my Mac mini directly).

(Jeff) #40

I started running the 6.0 beta firmware a couple days ago. It now allows upsampling when Roon is the source. I always wanted to hear what the Auralic algorithms sounded like.

In fact Roon now reports that the Aries G2 is doing the upsampling. Very cool.

(David Bisaillon) #41

I Have my G2 connected to a Schiit Yaggy w/ Analog 2 Update via AES and it feeds a Schiit Ragnorak Integrated. My only experience with streaming prior to that set up was with a PS Audio Direct Stream Bridge II. The PS Audio DAC was fed by JRiver on a Baetis Revolution server. The sound was excellent but the dollars are quite a bit higher than the new set up with the G2. Dollars set aside the G2 really was impressive. My high res music and Tidal both sound real and I’m enjoying listening to my music so much I hate to hit the stop button.

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(Stewart Vaggers) #42

Has anyone compared the G2 to the DCS network bridge?


This is mostly an “non answer” from me. I did choose between the two but when I did that neither the G2 or the Network Bridge was available in my region. I have the highest of respects for DCS and the dealer I bought most of my gear was new to Auralic, but had worked with DCS for many years. I still went for the Aries G2 and have been very happy with my choice.

But I have not compared the two. I have “heard” the DCS Network Bridge but never in my own system – so I don’t know how good it is (but it seems very capable!).

I have only compared my Auralic Aries G2 directly to Sonore mRednu and uRendu with LPS and UpTone power supplies.

(John B) #44

And are we taking majorly better or more nuanced?



To be honest it’s hard to tell more than one year later. At that time it felt like a substantial difference. And I did some testing with a couple of friends at the time.

I’m always open to part of what I experience might be “expectation bias” and/or similar. But at the same time I didn’t expect it to sound better than ultraRendu. I hoped for some difference but expected more convenience and one box solution. Something neat and convenient. But I was and I’m still pleasantly surprised.

This was with Chord DAVE as DAC and wired Ethernet to the streamers. Since then I have gone wireless to Aries G2 and feel a slight improvement over the wired.


Funny that you as well experienced an improvement over WiFi compared to Ethernet. I noticed a significant increase in details over WiFi. What is your experience?


I prefer WiFi over Ethernet using the Aries G1.

(Kim Kruse Petersen) #48

I prefer wired connection. In combination with Lightning Link into my VEGA G2 sound is quite extraordinary crisp, analog and indeed enjoyable. I also find listening with Roon ROCK as the server software delivering the highest sound quality.

A real example of the synergy effect, as the total sound quality seems to be enforced by both Aries and Vega g2 in combination.



Anyone happen to have any experience with Chord Hugo 2 and/or Dave in comparison to the Vega G2?


@Quaerit, @Anthro, @guerph, @Kim_Kruse_Petersen, @David_Bisaillon, and others in this thread, thank you so much for sharing your impressions of the Aries G1/G2, which I am considering—everything you’ve shared is immensely helpful.

I’m wondering if any of you who’ve compared wifi vs. ethernet streaming with the Aries G1/G2 have thoughts on how additional ethernet hardware such as an audiophile switch or high-end ethernet cable might factor into the decision tree. If the wifi implementation on the Aries G1/G2 is so good that it makes the perceived sonic benefits of expensive audiophile switches and cables for ethernet hookup less relevant or not relevant at all, that helps justify a lot of the cost of an Aries G1/G2. Alternatively, if additional audiophile ethernet gear can still be added to raise the G1/G2’s SQ higher than what’s possible with wifi, the cost calculation looks a bit different.

(Caveats: I know switches and cables can be a controversial topic, and there are other threads on that debate, which I’m not trying to get into here at all. And I’ve seen the coverage of the G1 from John Darko here and here, and Hans Beekhuyzen here, but I couldn’t tell what they may have been using for ethernet switches or cables; I’ll try to ask.)

Thank you for any thoughts you might have!


I use my Vega G2 connected via Ethernet to a regular (enterprise – Meraki) ethernet switch using a cheap AmazonBasics CAT6 cable. The G2 series has extra isolation circuitry internally (that the G1s do not). (Of course, the people that claim this stuff makes an audible difference are also selling you snake oil.) Ethernet is VASTLY superior to WiFi in terms of reliable packet delivery. The only reason to use WiFi is if you have no ability to get a hardwired Ethernet run to the device’s location.

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@cwichura This is not exactly true. There are multiple reasons for using WiFi over Ethernet when WiFi has been implemented correctly. And this, for me, is most definitely the case with the Aries G1.

One of the reason for this is that trough Ethernet some form of unwanted noise can enter the device. I don’t know the exact science behind it but in my case it is defenitely audible. The sound quality of WiFi compared to Ethernet using Audioquest cabling and a switch being fed by a LPS is remarkable. The streamer connected through WiFi has such more audible micro details. A more rich experience if you will. I never went back to Ethernet.

If I recall correctly you don’t have the option to connect your Vega G2 wirelessly, so I am kinda intrigued to how you made your assessment.

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Prove this in a blind listening test. (ProTip: you won’t be able to.)


Actually it is, maybe you need to read up on what noise can be introduced through ethernet cabling. The Aries G1 doesn’t have the same galvanically isolated ethernetport that the Vega G2 has. Remember the OP asks about sound quality regarding the Aries not the Vega (its a completely different device). With my Aries G1 I am in the position to audition since it allows for both WiFi and ethernet connection. Which still leaves me with the question why you object to my post, since you are not able to audition this in the first place.

Somewhere I must have missed the small printings on this forum that requires one to submit proof before one is allowed to give his opinion.

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(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #56

I’m with you on this, totally.

(Pieter Vanderley) #57

I have an original Aries Femto. Has anyone any comments about the diferences between this and the G1 or G2 when acting as a Roon endpoint?

(Steven) #58

I recently borrowed the Aries Femto with the Sbooster and Ultra linear power supply and installed it in my system. Frankly i was not expecting to be impressed. After all I had a two PC system with one PC running HQPlayer and the other PC running Roonserver. Both PCs are fanless, feature linear power supplies and many hardware and software tweaks. I also run an NAA featuring urendu and lps1.2. My system is capable of truly amazing sound and resolution. With the above equipment it sounded truly awesome and I received many compliments over the years by visiting Audiophiles.
But. . . A friend with a similar system (much less expensive) but an Aries Femto as the playback chain always sounded more exciting, realistic, awesome bass, just better. I was always quite puzzled.

Then my friend bought an Aries G2 and let me borrow his Femto. Suddenly my system was achieving new levels I’d always thought it should attain, but was not. The Femto was clearly to blame for the amazing sound. I fell in love. Next I was invited over to hear my friends system with the Aries G2 installed. OMG! His system sounded even better then I ever remembered it. The culprit? The G2.

The Femto is connected to my WSY2K16, with AudiophileOptimizer, Fidelizer Pro, and Roonserver via FMCS and fiber both powered by the Uptone Audio LPS 1.2. At the moment I have the Femto performing the upsampling and the Femto selected as a ROON endpoint. I much prefer Roon to the Lightning DS software. (I’m a ROON Lifetime member and really enjoy all the fun and insights ROON brings to my music collection.) I could be very happy with the Femto and Sbooster linear power supply. But after hearing the G2 in my best friends system I had to have one.

Oh! One of the best features of the Femto? It’s always connected. No more fiddling with little boxes and loose connections or HQPlayer updates, weird occurrences in the NAA that take hours sometimes to figure out. I know that Auralic had some issues when the Femto was first released, but I think the product is mature and rock steady.

The G2 arrives this Thursday. I can’t wait! I’ll be glad to give an update and more details about the transformation the Aries G2 brings.

Check out my system for details about the rest of my components if you are interested.

I’ll be giving an update soon.

(Pieter Vanderley) #59

Hi Steven
Thank you for the update. I was afraid you were going to say that about the G2 :wink: