Any fans of The Flower Kings here?

They are releasing their new album “Islands” tomorrow.

Apparently, it was recorded during the COVID lockdown, with each member contributing remotely. Looking forward to it!


Yes, a fan of the flower kings. I have many of their albums.

Looking forward Prog On!

As Obi Wan said. Now that is a name I haven’t heard in a long time.

Their last album I listened to was Stardust we are.
Then to follow Roine with Transatlantic.

Thank god for Qobuz. I can catch up with them again now.

Absolutely! Looking forward to it.

Yes! Looking forward to listening to the new album. Thanks for posting!

Listening now. Unfortunately the mastering is flat and compressed.

Yes, unforutnately the mastering sounds awful :frowning:. Rainmaker sounds so good in comparison, the drums and bass are so punchy.

Indeed - not great mastering on this.

Not feeling it. Put on Paradox Hotel instead.

I have all TFK albums, all Roine Stolt and Thomas Bodin solo works. And of course Transatlantic, Agents of Mercy, The Sea Within and other side projects!

Vraiment très bon, juste un poil long… As usual😁