Any hope for usability feature improvements?

Just count how many steps to change the volume. Give to a new user and see if they can even figure out how to do it. They can’t.

Why does Roon have to reload EVERY time you move to another app on thte phone? Why can’t it stay in memory like sonos? Why can’t it show on apples Lock Screen like every other modern control app?

Why is there no sleep timer? I just can’t believe that Roon doesn’t understand that setting alarms and sleep timers (so you can go to sleep to music of your choice) is just basic to any music control app? Especially one you pay for.

There is a sleep timer…


That would be a great improvement for me! I cannot find it … please tell me how you got there?

Never mind! Found it! Thank you so much!

Hi Mark.
Regarding the “how many clicks for changing volume”-issue: can you explain how you do it? I just need one click to access the volume control on the bottom right - and then I need to click again to set it. That’s not to bad, I’d say.

And: I’m 100% with you on the reload and control on lock screen issue. This is most annoying.

Roon is not perfect and sure not for everyone. Still it’s the best music management and exploration software (for my needs and habits) I found so far. I hope it continues to improve.

Its all weird … why put a sleep timer in but not an alarm so you can sleep and wake up to the same software?