Any idea on how to update to 1.7 manually in Linux?

Hi folks, just wondering if anyone has had any success updating to 1.7 manually in Linux. I’m using a non-officially supported flavour of Linux (gentoo) and I’m wondering how to manually upgrade it. The upgrade through the remote isn’t working…

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I have a similar issue with Rock.

Take a backup of your database first. Then you could try a fresh install followed by a restore of your database.

Unfortunately I did something dumb and upgraded my remotes to 1.7. Now I cannot connect to Roon to perform a back-up. Any idea on how to revert? Is there old versions of Roon remote available for windows? and Android for that matter.

Hello @J_B,

As long as your Database is backed up and not deleted during this process, I’d recommend you simply re-install RoonServer to get to the latest version.

Not sure if the easy installer script will work on gentoo. However, you should grab it as it has the download link to the latest RoonServer tarball included in the script.


So it’s just a matter of installing the new tarball over top of the 1.6 one? The ‘RoonServer’ dir has these files/folders in them:

Appliance RoonMono Server VERSION

Is the tarball basically one of these such as the ‘Server’ folder? If that’s the case I will just rename the Server folder to Server-old and extract the tarball to the new Server folder. Or is it a bit more complicated than that?

The gentoo ebuild I’m using is from a user-created repo and I don’t know when he’ll get around to updating his repo…


The tarball is all of those. And in fact our normal update process does basically the same thing, we always replace the whole directory with the new version.

I would rename the whole RoonServer dir, untar, check that Roon still works, and then delete the old RoonServer dir.

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Will do. So the database itself is stored in a different location? So there’s no danger of overwriting it?

I’m happy to report it worked like a charm! The only extra step I did was to chown the files to root but I’m not sure that step was actually necessary…

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