Any Naim users here? How are you integrating Roon?

I’m using my trusty SBT optical out into nDAC ( soon to be replaced by Chord Hugo TT) and thense to 552>300>SL2.

Looking forward to seeing what Roon Speakers (AKA) products are released this year to finish off my streaming source.


At the moment I’m using the optical out on my MacBook Pro into the optical in on the SuperUniti. I upgraded from a cheapish optical cable to a QED Performance Graphite cable and this did improve the sound. Streaming via MinimServer to the SU using Ethernet does sound better though, especially on high resolution albums.

Like you, I’m hoping that RoonSpeakers will allow direct streaming from Roon to Naim some time in 2016. If not, I’ll start looking at other connection options.


That (RoonReady) doesn’t seem likely Chris - at least judging by the responses to John B’s post there. A real shame. I haven’t visited the Naim forums in a while (since I sold all my Naim gear) but don’t remember it being such a tough crowd. Maybe I had rose-tinted Naim glasses on previously….

I hope they have a change of heart - I’d quite like a Muso Qb in the bedroom, but couldnt really justify the cost with only Airplay.

Yes, I’ve been following that post as well and it’s not too encouraging. On the other hand a majority of people on the Naim forum are pretty anti-Tidal as well and Naim are going ahead with that integration. Hopefully, they’ll see the advantages of integration.

I am too using Roon with a Naim DAC coming from a Xonar essence STX sound card (has a DAC in it) Roon only recognizes the Xonar card as the Dac, It is connected with spdif to Naim Dac, Dont know how Roon could see the Naim Dac. How are connected and does Roon see the Ndac for you? Also have problem with SBT connecting with Roon

I’m considering to change to a SuperUniti. As a starter I still own a Squeezbox, but a RAAT integration would be best!

I asked naim support about that. The answer was they haven’t decided yet. Not a “Yes”, but also not a “No”.

The more requests the support get’s the more likely a “Yes” would get.

SuperUniti is a great product, I currently have one in a second system in the TV room. I have an SBT connected via optical cable to give me Roon capability.
It would indeed be nice if the connection was RAAT direct.


I bought a SuperUniti in October and have been delighted with it - great sound and functionality. At present I’m using an optical cable from my MacBook Pro to the SU, but am really hoping for RAAT integration. @Sloop_John_B is there any advantage to the SBT route over a direct MacBook Pro to Roon connection?

When I contacted Naim support a few months back to ask about RAAT, they said they couldn’t comment - so I don’t know if the latest reply is a hopeful sign or not. With the Muso range as well you’d think that Naim would be really interested in Roon integration.

Here’s hoping…

Not that I’m aware of, I just happened to have a spare SBT bought in case my main one went AWOL.

I’m not too sure about mu-so and Roon. I don’t think there will be too many people paying from £500-£900 for a unit who would spend money on Roon.

If there is a sound quality advantage, which we’ll hopefully see soon with 1.2 I think Naim would be interested, but then again would they want to admit that there was a better sounding avenue than their own in built one, so maybe I’m typing rubbish here!


I was considering a Muso Qb for the bedroom. RoonReady would seal the deal for me… :wink:

Thanks, I wondered if I was missing something.

It’s a fair point. Another advantage to Roon is its glitch-free Tidal playback (unless I’ve just been lucky), which Naim haven’t quite managed to achieve yet. I guess though they have to get this sorted for the sake of all their non-Roon customers. Also, it is nice at times to be able to play music without having to involve the computer.

For the time being I’m integrating Roon with nDac using Musical Fidelity VLink 2.

Here how the setup goes. Roon runs on my MacMini. I connect MacMini to MF VLink over USB out from MacMini. Then MF VLink to nDac using SPDIF. I can also control the music from Roon Remote in my iPhone.

In Roon setup I select MF VLink as the Zone. I keep it as public Zone as otherwise Roon Remote does not recognize it as one of the output devices.

I tried 44.1/16, PCM 192/24 and also 64bit DSDs. Everything sounds pretty good.

Hope this helps.


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