Any official support plane for remote access outside of network?

I know thousands of similar questions are there.
But most of them are old. I’d like to know the recent direction about the support of remote access the outside of local network officially.

BTW, I’ve found out the remote access in Roon means remote access for the local network only.
IMHO, It is misleading terminology. People might doesn’t think remote acces is a local network.

Anyway, do you have any plane to access outside of the local network?
As a software engineer, I’m sure it’s not impossible technically.

Open the access port and firewall, and global remote access from a phone or other computers.
Performance is another problem. I think my NAS can handle it.

Plex or VPN is alterternative solution. But as you might know, it is not the best solution.
VPN is slow, Plex has poor app quality, UI/UX, bugs, etc.

Is there any reason for not supporting it yet?
I hope a technical is not an excuse. Copyright? Any interests with streaming services like tidal?

Remote access from outside of the local network is an important feature for me.
I’m sure lots of people are on the same page as me.

Here is the summary.

  1. Is there any reason not to support it yet?
    Please let me know if you can.

  2. Is there any plan to support it officially?



I’d agree but for “remote” access to streaming services a lawyer might be what’s needed, and that’s usually harder and more expensive.

I wonder whether reason they don’t support it is a legal issue.
I’d like to know any official plan or reason about the situation.