Any Progress on RoPiee for Allo Sparky/USBridge

Hey Harry,
Any closer to making RoPiee work on the Allo Sparky/USBridge platform? Thanks.

I’m curious too. Although these things works great with Dietpi, I would like to be able to use Ropiee. Love the simplicity in usewith my other RPI3.

Hi @spockfish
Any news regarding this topic?
I’m looking very much forward to this :slight_smile:

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Very busy at the moment, so this is not very high on my list.
Also, not having the hardware makes it difficult to validate. I’m considering just putting a beta out there, so people can have a look.

You can borrow mine if you wish (I replaced it with a sotm sms-200).

If you build it, I will test (I replaced a microRendu with a USBridge). :smiley:

Also possible :wink: I will join if needed.

I am happy to buy you a Sparky if won’t supply one FOC.

i thought we sent you one with a PSU back in Sept of last year…
if you need another one, please do let me know.