Any reason not to take Meridian endpoint name from endpoint?

Any reason not to use a Meridian endpoint’s name as its name within Roon?

It always strikes me as unnecessary work typing the name in when it is already on the screen in front of me.

At some point since designing the Meridian streaming protocol, we decided that storing non-hardware-specific settings on endpoint hardware was a bad idea.

None of the other streaming technologies support settings storage, and Meridian only does because we made a bad decision 5 years ago when designing the protocol and carved out a little space for it.

Anyways, when designing Roon’s multi-zone stuff, Meridian was the oddball, so we decided that it should conform to the new way of doing things instead of building custom machinery to support what we felt was a bad decision. It adds a small amount of friction when migrating from an existing Meridian system, but it gets the architecture/behavior right going forward, and prevents any possible confusion over how settings behave in the Roon ecosystem.

Thanks for the background!