Any SP1000 users here?

Hey guys, I was wondering if you anyone provide me with good settings to use with the SP1000 for Roon. I’m new to the Hifi game so I was having a little bit of trouble understanding some of the settings. I’m just using the SP1000SS as a DAC, nothing else.

Any input would be appreciated.

When using my SP1000 in DAC mode with roon, I get the best results by using DSP and converting to DSD128. I am usually connected to RPI3 running roon bridge on WiFi.

Thanks for the input. Just to be sure, you’re using DoP/DSM on the USB mode on the sp1000 right? Not PCM? Again, pardon my lack of knowledge. Still new to the game.

Hi, that setting is for when you are using the SP1000 as the source and outputting a signal from the usb to an external DAC. When using the SP1000 as a DAC only it always accepts DoP into it. I sometimes use the the SP1000 to feed music stored on it to my portable Hugo 2 from the USB output.

Thanks a lot. So you’re saying regardless if I use the PCM setting or DSD on the UsB settings it’ll convert it to DoP?

I felt it would be better to clarify my questions: should I set it as an MQA renderer only or as an encoder as well?