Any thoughts of adding a Podcast section?

(Serge Rochat) #10

+1 for Podcast support


I never thought I will miss Podcasts in Roon. But now I like the radio feature in Roon so podcasts are a must, now. :wink: In most cases I use podcasts for on-demand radio as in Germany many radio stations publish their broadcasts also as podcasts.

(Powered Two_Wheeler) #12

Me too. Often the content justifies repeat listening.

(Jack Reitsema) #13

+1 for podcast support

(Erik Holstborg) #14

+1 for Podcast support

(Rob Higginson) #15

+1 Podcast support PLEASE

(Michael Oliver) #16

+1 Podcast support PRETY PLEASE

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(Guðmundur Ásgeirsson) #17

+1 for Podcast.


Hmm, audiophile quality podcasts with a RAAT implementation. What a concept!

Dilutes the design objective of Roon.

(Ged) #19

-1 for podcasts.

(Andrew Grossman) #20

Podcasts can be a great way to discover new music [1], and there’s really not a good way right now to integrate them into Roon. One can imagine two basic approaches, maximalist and minimalist. Either would meet my needs but I’d be curious about others’ views.

The maximalist approach would be to include a full-blown podcast client in Roon. That would include subscriptions, automatic downloading, etc. Whatever the merits of this, it seems far removed from Roon’s principal purpose.

Better fitting with Roon may be a minimalist approach that simply recognizes podcasts as a top-level type of content (like Albums and Internet Radio streams), establishes a top-level section for podcasts, organizes them in some sensible fashion based on folders/tags (e.g., by podcast and then by date) with an album-like interface, and removes them entirely from the track, album, and artist views. In other words, the user would still be responsible for getting podcast files onto Roon-accessible storage (whether via iTunes, a command-line downloader, etc.), and Roon would simply catalogue them appropriately. For me, at least, this would be a great feature and perfectly sufficient. As it is not, podcasts are mixed in with everything else, which is rather less than ideal, and it takes a fair bit of effort to organize them.


[1] For example, check out Reverberation Radio.

(Brian G) #21

Personally I would not want this feature in Roon.

(Staatskapelle) #22

Interesting topic for sure.

I’m way into podcasts typically consuming approx. 6 hours per week. However, I feel myriad, well designed ways to listen already exist.

Native Android podcast app / Google Cast
Native iOS podcast app / Airplay
Third party Android podcast apps / Google Cast
Third party iOS podcast apps / Airplay
Apple TV
Web browser access

I don’t think I’m even scratching the surface.

(Geoff Coupe) #23

I use an even more minimalist approach - I use a third party Podcast client to do all the work of downloading, tagging, and organising the podcasts into folders in my music library. I have made a Podcast genre, and use the album editor to assign this to all podcast “albums” (the podcast folders, which Roon recognises as albums). Then using Focus/Genre=Podcast, it’s easy to pull out all podcasts from the rest of the collection:

(Ged) #24

What do you use Geoff?

(Geoff Coupe) #25

Grover Pro.

(Andrew Grossman) #26

That is basically what I do, except it would be nice to have Roon do some of it for me and to remove podcasts from the album display, etc.

For what it’s worth, I use a simple command-line downloader called Mashpodder that works on MacOS and Linux (and perhaps on Windows, with the Linux subsystem or the like). I am considering transitioning to a similar but more advanced client, greg, that also works on MacOS and Linux. If I were starting out today, I’d definitely go with greg, to take advantage of its tagging features.


Does someone has an idea how to upload a specific podcast episode to my ROCK machine? Is there an Podcatcher for iOS out there which can upload via SMB? Or can I make a ROCK machine a AirPlay receiver?

(Kevin Voecks) #28

PLEASE add podcast support!


PLEASE don’t add podcast support.

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