Any thoughts of adding a Podcast section?

+1 for podcasts. With commuting time eliminated, it would be great to access podcasts through home systems via roon.

Also just noticed podcast app in AppleTV, which can help bring podcast functionality to home network, albeit not through Roon.

Good tip but not the Roon integrated podcast solution on my wish list.

Yep, I edited my prior post to be a bit narrower and I hope more accurate.

Thanks Dan

Yes I would love a podcast option in Roon, maybe connect Acaster or Apples podcast service direct?

I’m confident roon aren’t going implement this. I would hate for roon to waste time on a feature unrelated to music/customer experience.

If you want podcast support use something like pocket cast maybe? Its cross platform and supports chromecast just don’t try fill roon with crap that nobody came here for (including you).

+1 for podcasts

  • for Podcast. Currently l Need to connect my Laptop to my DAC via the USB Nukleus Connection to be able to Listen to a Programm of the greatest Beethoven Performances of a certain Piano Sonata wich I ˋd like to Play via my HiFi Equipment. I Don ˋt believe that any big development is needed to get this option on ROON as many simple Apps are offering this. Because of this I don ˋt understand the whole discussion why to not Input it. It doesn to hurt anybody…
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+100 for podcasts and audiobook.
Walking though the house i do listen to them. It would be much easier to have the Roon really center of the audio experience and not pushing us to look for other tools.
Now I’m discovering the Plex app that maybe is not so good at the multiroom but is pretty good to deliver other features like podcast, audiobooks, mobile support with sync feature.

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If Roon/ROCK could receive Audio via Bluetooth or Airplay, it would be fine. But theres no such solution.

Like the already implemented Live Radio, which does not fit into your music only world, Podcasts have also a variety of topics from talk to music. Even the CD can contain nature recordings, audiobooks or recorded radio shows.

Roon is more about Audio than just Music. The problem is, there’s no exact definition what music is and what not. There’s no black and white.

+1 for a podcast section.
I listen a lot of Podcast and currently, it’s quite messy to add them in my library as they are display with all my albums. I understood I can add a filter but same as my Live Radio don’t show in my library, I’d like a similar section for the podcast.


Another +1 for podcasts. It’s about the only thing I use a different app for. For all other audio needs, roon is my one-stop-shop-solution.

Add podcast in Live Radio section should be easy. I hope.
Please make this possible.

Many radio stations has a podcast section. Maybe even a direct link to their podcasts in Live Radio as Roon already has link to the station.

So you’re just open for a browser interface to those podcasts, and press play.

Or even better, have the radio station point to Roon :grinning:

I use Roon for serious music listening. Podcasts will add unnecessary bloat and may impact music support. resources. Vote No, respectfully


+1 for podcasts. I use room to control squeezebox devices through my house so this would be a great addition.

Wow, this was first asked in 2015? I would have hoped podcasts would have been supported within the preceding five years. It’s the only major feature I think Roon lacks and it drives me nuts.

It isn’t the length of time that it has been asked for that matters.
What matters is that doesn’t fit Roon’s vision.

Seriously doubt that this will happen before the sun goes dark and cold.

Whether this is a ‘major feature’ or whether it’s ‘lacking’ is an opinion.

The OP first asked the question in…let’s see. June 2015. Looking at the calendar, that’s five years ago.

If they can add live radio, adding a podcast function shouldn’t be too much of a stretch. Just make it a separate section like the radio section. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to use it. A lot of radio stations run podcasts of their shows now, including programs that are music related, so not sure how having the podcast “DVR version” is different from carrying it live. Makes no sense to charge as much as Roon is per year and still have to resort to a Chromecast Audio to listen to podcasts on living room speakers.

And yeah it’s an opinion. So is thinking a podcast option wouldn’t be a welcome addition. I’d use it more often that the live radio option.


Personally, I think Roon should concentrate on being the best high resolution music delivery system it can be. I would not want them to add podcast. That’s somewhat the same reason I don’t want them to add Spotify and other music streaming services that would put them in a lower segment of the high resolution music market.

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Well it just puts a further strain on their limited development and subsequent support resources… All these requests for features have to be weighed against their resources and value returned to the community at large, so not all our requests are going to make it - even after 5 years.

I’ve learned to live with it, I use a third-party Podcast app to feed my Roon library for the podcasts I want to keep. My personal feature wishlist has a different set of priorities…