Any way of knowing where Tidal has their caching servers around the world?

As part of my ongoing challenges in Africa with Roon and my systems I’m trying to narrow down some more areas of possible issues. While a lot of the drop outs seem to be network (internal) related, I was wondering if Tidal’s location as a stream source is possibly an issue.

Netflix 4k UHD / HDR streams fine down my 100mbps connection, BUT Netflix has a caching server in Mombassa and soon building in Nairobi. So does YouTube, Facebook, Google etc. All the big guys.

Question is, where is my nearest Tidal server? USA, I guess possibly Europe, maybe Middle East - does anyone know? Or know how I can “ping” Tidal to see if that works or is possibly an issue??

Thanks in advance

For Qobuz, at least, you can see the FQDN Roon accesses to retrieve each track in the RoonServer logs. I would check those for Tidal and then do a traceroute to the provided name and see where it ends up.

In the case of Qobuz, they appear to be using CloudFlare’s CDN.

Cool thanks. Now all I need to know is how to access server logs :wink:

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