Any way to add HQP while using Nucleus?

I have a Nucleus + and a Mac Mini that I go between as Roon server. Of course, I can run music thru HQP on Mac.

Anyone know of a way to use HQP while using Nucleus as server?

Thanks Ged. Is there a way to add HQP directly to Nucleus?

There is no way to load any other software onto a Nucleus. It is a locked down OS.

One more question (bear with me):

If one were to run music from Nucleus thru a standard mac mini in order to make use of HQP, wouldn’t that negate all of the advantages of using the Nucleus in the first place: low noise, better sound quality.

Anyone tried this? If not, I will and report back in case anyone else cares…

Probably not what you are looking for, but you can setup a seperate HQplayer server where Roon can stream to.
But unfortunately, extra costs and extra equipment.