Any way to auto-discovery or manually add audio endpoints on a different VLAN?


Hello, we have a Nucleus+ with a Devialet Expert Pro 140. Both are on separate vlans with routing between them. They are part of a larger implementation (including Crestron / other items) whereby the Nucleus+ and Export Pro 140 cannot be on the same VLAN. Is there any way to have the Nucleus+ discover or can you manually add the IP of the Expert Pro 140 (Infinity Core) somehow to identify it as an endpoint? Again, the Expert Pro 140 is on another vlan (fulling IP accessible between the two).

I’ve been reviewing multiple posts; however, I’m not see a way to do this.

If not, we may need to return the Nucleus+ and take a different path.

Let me know.


Any Roon devices need to be on the same LAN address segment. So even if you put the core on another system if its not on the same Lan then its unlikely to work or be supported.

It might be possible with some firewall rules and router configs to get around it but its not supported.

If you look/search the tinkering section has threads on people bridging LANs etc. Might be worth reading there.

Look at this thread:

Thanks for the help.

Actually, were going to return the Nucleus+ (Roon’s financial loss) and use a Mac Mini. On a Mac (most likely the case with a Windows system as well) you can have multiple Ethernet (and wifi) connections on different vlans. Roon will see all endpoints (Airplay, Chromecast, Devialet AIR, etc…) on each of the connected vlans.

I can’t understand why Roon doesn’t allow allow for this is their software (to remove the need for multiple Ethernet or wifi connections) or a least allow this on their own Nucleus+ hardware. I plugged a USB-C to Ethernet and rebooted the Nucleus+ … didn’t see the other Ethernet interface (tried many other things… didn’t work).


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