Any way to do a SMART test on SSD in NUC running ROCK?

Core Machine

  • NUC10i7FNH
  • 2 times Crucial CT8G4SFS8266 8GB 2666MHz DDR4 SODIMM
  • Samsung 980 PRO 250GB M.2 PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD

Network Devices
Ubiquiti UniFi Switch, 8-ports, 60W, with 4-ports PoE**

Audio Devices
Devialet Original d’ Atelier

Library Size
100,000 tracks

Description of Issue
I’ve had the same issue as described here:

That issue was resolved by replacing the SSD. I’ve only just bought and installed this NUC last week so I can get the SSD replaced under warranty but I would like to be sure the issue really is a faulty SSD before sending it back.

The supplier sent me a link to CrystalDisk software to check the SSD but for that the NUC needs to run Windows, which it isn’t because it runs ROCK.

Is there a way I can check that the issue really is caused by a faulty SSD in the NUC?

BTW, I’ve also implemented the fix described for the same issue here:

Since this issue is intermittent it’s hard to be sure that fixed the problem. Time will tell.


Could you buy a cheap usb to sata cable and then check the SSD via another laptop/computer?

I’ve just attached a HDD I have on hand, to my MacBook and I can use Disk Utilities to check it so I assume that would be possible with a USB attached MSATA drive too. thanks for the tip.

So far, so good after implementing the above linked solution. I’ve tried to break it by playing to multiple endpoints but it’s been stable so far. ginger cots. (That’s me typing ‘fingers crossed’ with my fingers crossed.

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