Any way to estimate size of a Roon backup?


I’m going to purchase a dedicated external HD for my Roon backup. Is there any way to estimate how large the backup will be so that I can purchase the appropriately sized HD? I understand HD’s are relatively inexpensive but just trying to get a sense of what capacity I will need.

FWIW- My music library is ~1400 albums comprised of about 900 Flac files and the remainder Tidal albums.

My understanding is that a Roon backup does NOT back up the music files themselves, just the Roon metadata and user initiated edits, etc.

Thank you

Why concern yourself about getting something close?

As far as size goes, local or streamed take up the same space. You didn’t say how many iterations you were going to keep.

Doesn’t matter. Something like this is more than enough.
Probably won’t find anything cheaper than $50.

I have a library of 1800 albums and I store 26 backup iterations, along with 400 ripped CDs on a 500 GB drive that is only 60% full.

Your understanding is correct, sir.

I have 25.000 tracks library, with two backup locations, each keeping 10 backup iterations. Both together have size of ~25 GB.

Further to the above advice, Roon also recommend backing up to several different locations. You can of course maintain a backup folder on the drive you back up your audio files to, as well as maintaining a dedicated backup drive. The WD Passport and the Seagate Portable drives are small and cheap enough.

You raise several good points. I was concerned that the backup files could be large. I also did not account for multiple iterations over time. Simple solution is to buy a product like you mentioned and just get on with music enjoyment.


Local storage of your backups is easy enough, but you may want to consider off-site storage of both database and media files, in case the unthinkable happens. I have around 3,000 albums, mostly local, and a Roon database that has been running for 5 years or more, and I am happy to pay for a Dropbox account to back up the database and other cloud storage to back up the media, just in case of a catastrophe at home that caused everything to be lost.

I discovered that I had set up dropbox for Roon backup a long time ago.

  1. How do I “delete/remove” Dropbox as my backup location?

  2. I have a new external HD to use for Roon backup. Can anyone help me figure out the “path”.

The new HD is directly connected to my iMac.

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Settings=>Backup=>Scheduled Backup=>View=>Edit=>Delete

Is the Mac your Core? If so, then it will show up as a local drive in Settings=>Backup=>Scheduled Backups=>View=>Add.

Thank you very much for your help. I did not setup “scheduled” backups.

My Roon core is on my Antipodes music server and the desired backup location is a seagate HD connected via USB to my Imac.

Any further guidance is greatly appreciated,

I don’t understand what this means. How are you backing up to Dropbox?

You need to set up the Seagate drive as a shared networked drive. It’s been awhile since I used macOS. Someone else will help you.

Seems like you could connect the USB drive to the Antipodes? Dunno.

OK, after some thought I realized that you meant that you did a Backup on demand.

In that case, Settings=>Backups=>Find Backups=>Browse. Select the DropBox folder and use the resulting screen to delete your backups.

Hi xxx,

Correct that I did a “backup on demand” to my dropbox a ling time ago. I went into my dropbox and don’t see any Roon backup which suggests that at some point I must have deleted the Roon backup in Dropbox.

In order to reach a potentially larger audience/community I will take my my backup inquiry and make it into a new topic. Basically -is a networked external HD required for the backup and if so how to find the path/do the setup.

Many thanks for your help.

I’m not familiar with the Antipodes music server. Does it have a USB port that will allow you to plug your backup drive directly into it? That would be best if so. Go into the Roon Settings - Backups and set up automated backups to that drive. I have mine backup every night and save 30. I also have it backup once a month and keep 12. I think backup’s are a little over 1 GB each, but not certain on that.

The Antipodes has several USB ports on the rear panel. That may be the easiest method for me to do the backup.

If I understand correctly, whatever USB HD I attach to the USB port on the Antipodes should show up as a “separate” drive, i.e. district & different than the two user replaceable SSD HD’s I use in the Antipodes?

Yes. Here’s what mine looks like with a USB HDD plugged into my Roon Nucleus…

I decided to try plugging a USB thumb drive into the 5.0v powered port on my Antipodes music server. It seemed like I was able to do a manual backup (backup on demand). However when I removed the usb thumb drive from the antipodes and connect it to my desktop Mac I don’t see any backup folders whatsoever.

I’m sure that the error is entirely on my side and seek any advice on specific steps I should be doing to setup the USB drive (64 GB) for an initial manual backup. Once I am able to do a manual backup it would suggest that I have configured the path/connected the USB drive correctly and I would then proceed to setting up “scheduled backups” .

** This may/may not be relevant but ALL my Roon library music folders are stored on 2 SSD’s (user swappable) inserted into the Antipodes chassis. I bring this up just in case I inadvertently did the backup to one of the SSD’s. I’m not sure how to navigate to my SSD’s and am emailing Antipodes for support on that matter.

Please see the attached photos.

![successful backup|690x388](upload://seB47xezY6G9CqGoBNMRnjnR9fp.jpeg) ![backups found|690x388](upload://iFj1AJ7XQABqDCZYG17XXJr51Wc.jpeg)

**I named the USB thumb disk as “SanDisk”.

As previously stated I don’t see any Roon backup files on the Sandisk USB drive. The drive is brand new and I didn’t see any real change in available capacity following the purported backup.