Any way to get per song credits on the queue screen?


I’m using the desktop software in MacOS. I’d like to ask about one of my usage pet peeves…

I know you can get per song credits on an album’s track screen, but, is there any way to configure the software to also view these credits via the queue screen, as well?

I find it to be a bit of an odd maneuver to click on the “Go to…” in the queue screen to get back to the album tracks screen, to then click to the right of a track, to then click on “view credits.”

If I’ve missed a trick here, I do apologize. Any help appreciated!

There is another way, however it works out the same amount of clicks.

Click on the Album Artwork to the Botton left of the screen, click on the Album name, click on credits.

Not aware of any other options, but that is not to say that there isn’t one!

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As @Fergus_B said, but if you click on the cog, top right, you can choose what to see in that screen and the order (drag the purple dot grid)


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