Any way to put nucleus to sleep after X time of no activity?

I have my Nucleus connected to my dac via usb (wavelength Crimson) and love the combination, the best sound I’ve ever had.
My problem is the dac was designed to sleep when the host computer slept.
It seems like the Nucleus doesn’t have a sleep mode and hence my dac never turns off.
This might not be a problem for most dacs but mine is tube based and I need to power it down. (It doesn’t have a power switch).
Powering the Nucleus on and off seems cumbersome and I realize it wasn’t designed to power on and off daily.
If anyone could suggest some kind of sleep mode or other solution I’d be most grateful.

You could use a remote power plug to turn it on and off.

Good idea, I had the same thought and I asked the designer, Gordon Rankin, about this and he said it would be a very bad idea for this particular dac.
Ideally we could check a box in system settings and put the Nucleus to sleep after setting the desired time before sleep.
Launching the app would wake it up.
I guess this might save a little energy as well.

I can turn my ROCK on a NUC off remotely from a linux box using

perl -MLWP::Simple -e 'getprint ""' >> ~admin/roonlog.txt 2>&1

Change ip and logfile to suit.

Might that help?


Your on :fire: today Brian.

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Ah, very cool.
Could I possibly attempt this from a Mac?

I would be interested to know the annual electric consumption cost to run a ROCK 24/7. I don’t have this well fixed in my mind.

I saw a figure of 1pence UK per hour for a laptop.
So 24x365/24?

$0.0103 X 24 / 365 / 12 = $7.51/ month

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Not too bad but not too green either I guess. NUC might be more efficient than a laptop as no screen?

That sounds like a reasonable case for a sleep mode.

Power consumption and fan noise

Activity Broadwell i5 NUC Broadwell i7 NUC
Idle at desktop (display off) 6.7W 9.0W
Watching YouTube in Chrome 9.1W 11.8W
Running GFXBench Manhattan benchmark (peak) 37.2W 51.1W
Running Prime95 CPU torture test 31.8W 50.9W (peak), 42.4W (sustained)

Okay, with said data, and electricity (US) at $.12/kwh, how much does it cost to run a NUC 24/7?

At 30W it’s about £2.50 pm UK prices.

Sorry, I’m not a Mac man, but can’t you just open a terminal window and run it? I haven’t a clue as to whether Perl is preinstalled. But others will know…

The cost for it sitting idle, at 7 W, 24/7, .12 / kwh. $7.36 USD per year according to the Estimating Appliance Calculator.

Give it a spin:

Hmmm. Class, we seem to be a bit out of sync. Rugby’s answer is $7.36 a year, while ged’s comes in at BP2.50 / month.

Next assignment: are @rugby and @ged_hickman1’s estimates correctly calculated? reasonable? What variable(s) explain(s) the difference in their estimates? Show your work. You have 30 minutes and you may consult with your classmates.

Bonus question: how do taxes affect the estimates, if at all? If so, in what countries would taxes affect your answer? As always, cite your sources and show your work. (25 pt)

I worked worst case at 30w whilst Daniel did at idle. Probably nearer Daniel’s. But either way, cheap.

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