Any way to remove unwanted genre in 1.8?

Prior to 1.8 I would only see the genres I had defined in my files (i.e. tags). Now, in 1.8 I also see new genres defined by Roon. Of course they’re empty since I don’t have such music in my collection but why is my genre screen cluttered with things Roon thinks I should be listening to, like Rap? Anyone know how I can remove these? I’ve looked all over and see no option.


paste a screen shot

Can’t do a screen shot - it’s too big. more than two pages of scrolling. but anyone can see this - just select browse genres from the main screen.

Same issue here. I maintained and use 14 genres (and a lot more sub genres). With 1.8, Roon is adding 10 more Genres when I tap Browse > Genres in the menu and they are empty. This is annoying as I want to keep it clean and uncluttered.

Looking forward to seeing this issue resolved.

what do you get if you goto Artists or Albums, choose Focus then View More under Genres, it gives a number of for each Genre?

Yes, it does that and it’s nice, but has nothing to do with my original question. I happen to use the browse genres way into my music and it would be nice not to have to trawl through Children, Holiday, Rap and a half dozen other categories, all displayed as massive squares, in order to find what I want. 1.7 did not behave this way. I like 1.8 but this particular thing is a step in the wrong direction.

I also find these additional genres annoying and redundant. They make no sense because I have no content on them.
Please switch off again.


New Roon user, 1.7 worked mostly how I wanted it to once I switched to genre from file, but I can’t find anything with Genre now cause it’s filled with useless sub-genre’s and I can’t disable all the “helpful” sections now. I want to browse my library, which is now impossible because even “radio stations” has priority in the UI? Who thought this was a good idea seriously.

Add me to the chorus, I’ve worked hard to have genres that work for me in my file tags, and now have a dozen genres showing up that are meaningless to me. Even worse, Roon ignores the setting to show only file genres and has now started adding genres to my own library.