Any way to stop Roon automatically scanning the music folders on startup?

Is there a way to stop Roon automatically scanning the music folders on startup? It affects my playback as it uses system resources.

Why do you need to “startup”? What kind of Core/Endpoint solution do you have?

It’s only my “transportable” Roon system that suffers from this… (A MacBook Pro with an external 4Tb harddrive and a USB DAC/Headphone amp)

And how close is your core machine to being under minimum spec? Or doesn’t it even get that high? If its an issue then don’t shut it down :slight_smile:

I mean when Roon starts up. I have my core on a silent i5 PC which I made myself. The PC connects direct to a DAC. I am also trying out a separate endpoint, though obviously that doesn’t make any difference to the Roon core doing its work.

I mean, why do you shut your Core down at all?
My normal Core is located on either a NAS or a NUC ROCK, neither gets shutdown unless i plan on being away for a few days. (and not alway then)

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Ah, I see! Sorry for being inquisitive, but afaik there is no method of throttling the rescan function. (other than selecting a time interval on some types of storage)

It is a very “clunky” method of reindexing the library and i wish i could stop it or disable it too. (For my “transportable Core” where the reindex takes a few minutes and loads the host to the max)

For my transportable core I only have tidal allowed…otherwise I use my Fiio M11 DAP with cans

Yes, thats an option. But my Core gets it’s use while in the RV/Camper in the mountains of Sweden. I’m too cheap to pay for bandwidth when i have my music on the 4Tb external USB drive!

Hence the need/want for a mobile Roon solution! :smiley:

(I also have couple of Pioneer DAPs for portability, but they “only” take around 400Gb each…
Oh, the horror of modern Life! :slight_smile: )

First world problems…its tough out there. At least ill be in civilisation…LA and LV - maybe I can sign up for Qobuz while I’m there and use that too.

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@extracampine maybe start something in the Feature request area?

Lol, yes perhaps! I’m not hearing a huge difference between my audio PC USB output and the SMS-200 ultra USB output anyway. Not £1400 worth of difference I think.

Short answer is no, so +1 on creating a #roon:feature-requests if you’re keen to have this.

However, I’m curious to know how long this rescan is taking … on my system (Windows PC, i7 16GB RAM, 250K tracks on QNAP NAS it’s circa 60 seconds … and not cause for concern.

What’s the full spec of your i5 PC and how is music folder connected … and how many tracks.

Roon should scan as a service. Terrible solution to scan at startup.

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OK that’s not long at all…mine is up over 3 mins and I’m using an i7-7700 or NUC7i7BNH but I do have almost 300K tracks

I just realized i had done some reorganizing on my external USB. Just had a look at how long it took to register my MBP as Core and reindex the 4Tb USB-drive, and it took just over 2 minutes.
The library is about 7.5K albums in various resolutions and almost 4Tb.

Moved this thread to feature requests and split the main issue (endpoint not appearing until reboot) in a separate support thread.

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Odd. I have never noticed reindexing at all. Ok, I never shut it down, but people talk about regular reindexing — I have never noticed. A plain Nucleus, but I don’t remember this happening when I ran Windows on a NUC. Have a few thousand local albums.

I have two storage disks in my i7 server; one HDD and one SSD. Roon occasionally rescans the HDD, which takes about 30s. I’ve never seen it rescan the SSD.

I never see reindexing either, just at startup, when the storage locations are checked for new content.
I may have a setup which exaggerate this behaviour as i have around 7 storage locations defined in that particular setup. All of them point at different folders one level below the root folder of the external USB.
(The reason for this is the ability to Focus, or un-focus, on particular parts of my library. Very useful, not possible on ROCK/Nucleus with internal storage)
As we all know, multitasking i/o operations on one spinning USB drive is not very efficient and i’d probably see improvements if i changed to one storage location pointing at the root. But then i’d loose the Focus ability…
There’s a saying in Swedish which goes something like “No matter which direction you turn, your arse is always behind you” :smiley: