Any way to tell how much ram is installed on a NUC running ROCK

I just put my NUC into a HD Plex passive kit this evening. It seems to be running, which is a good start, but I wondered if there is a way to tell how much ram is installed. There should be 8gig but I wanted to double check before shutting the box up. I couldnt see anything on the ROCK homescreen, and I wasnt sure where else to look.

Any ideas?

Rock itself won’t be able to tell you.
I believe that the NUC’s own BIOS should know.

I think if you reboot, the BIOS loading screen (if set to be visible) will display the RAM on the computer.

Thanks for the quick replies.

It sounds like I need to pull it out the rack then and connect up a monitor and see if I can see in the bios as it boots.

I tried this last night and I couldnt get any type of signal from the HDMI port of the NUC on bootup, so I couldnt see how much ram is installed. Any idea how to set the bios screen to ‘visible’?

Hi Ross, as usual, answering from memory instead of hands-on. The Intel NUC Post information has been trimmed down to display of the F keys, like F2, etc. Removing the RAM/CPU POST info seems to be an industry trend; I didn’t notice because I usually turned it off anyway.

However, you just need to get into the BIOS and the memory will be listed on the first page. F2 gets you into the Visual Bios page.