Anybody have an Allo USBridge Sig and an Ayre Codex working?

My new USBridge Sig doesn’t want to play nice with my Ayre Codex. Using Moode’s Squeezeplay renderer, Roon seems to die after a couple of songs and Airplay doesn’t work at all although the built in radio stations work just fine. I wasn’t able to get RopieeXL to work at all with the Codex, but both the Roon renderer and Airplay work great with it.

Previously, an Allo USBridge (original version) stopped working with the Codex and I could not get it running again.

My computer does work with the Ayre Codex and the DAC largely seems to work with a Schitt Multibit Modi leading me to wonder what is up (I’m going to try Ropieexl). The Modi can’t hold a candle to the Codex, so I’d like to get this resolved somehow.

Does anybody have a Codex working with these products?

I just tried hooking up a USBridge Signature Player running Ropieee to an Ayre Codex for the first time and Roon sees it but when I try playing anything, Roon immediately loses control of the device and won’t play. Did you ever get anywhere with your setup?

I’m having the same problem with both of my Ayre DACS: Codex and QB-9. I’m still trying to solve this. Any progress? The user manual for the USBridge says we need to update the ethernet drivers on any non-included OS. Did you do that with Ropieee? I still need to figure out how to do that.

One interesting thing, it works fine with 44kHz material. But it never finishes a song on higher res stuff. But, man, it sounds awesome before it dies!

I don’t believe it’s a RoPieee issue since I have also setup Roon Bridge on DietPi (OS option that comes from Allo) and I can get it to play for 10-25 seconds but then it also loses control of the DAC. I’ve sent logs to Allo and they’re looking into it.

I have found a way to run where Roon doesn’t lose contact. I configure Roon to have a maximum sample rate of 48kHz and maximum bits per sample of 16.

  1. Turn on the DAC first and then the USBridge. I’m not sure this makes a difference but it seems to.
  2. Configure Roon as shown below.
  3. I seem to get better luck when I tell it this is an EX-8. There is no selection for the Codex or the QB-9. I’m not sure this really makes a difference, though.
  4. I don’t think the Buffer Size or the Resync Delay matter, but they seem like they would be more robust.

Using these settings, I was able to play a 96kHz, 24bit album from my NAS several times through. Since about 95% of my library is 44kHz, I think I can live with this while I look for a more lasting solution.

Hi, it’s a bug in the driver. It happens with any flavor of that Linux, the Ayre Codex, and USB. OTOH, the ultrarendu works great.

Everything is working now! I am able to run at full resolution with dropouts. I have tested this up to 192/24 and it’s stable. I can only think that this was fixed as part of the 2.450 release of Ropieee. The release notes include these 2 items:

  • IMPROV: firmware update for Pi 4 USB Controller
  • IMPROV: bump Linux kernel for Pi 4

I get some occasional crackles and pops, like I’m listening to an LP; but that only seems to occur with Tidal streaming. The USBridge is connected to my network via WiFi (actually using a Wifi ethernet bridge and running a cable into the ethernet port on the streamer), so I’m willing to chalk that up to WiFi. But it’s strange that it only seems to happen on Tidal.

Still, considering where I was a few weeks ago, I’m very pleased!

After more listening and debugging, I have determined that the clicks and pops only occur when using the USBridge with my Ayre DACs. I’ve got too much money invested in this system to put up with this kind of noise. So, I think I’m going to have to return the USBridge.

spockfish posted another update for Ropieee (2.464) and I’m back to Roon reporting that it has lost control.