Anyone brave enough to try macOS developer Ventura beta?

Roon will not support any beta use so I just wanted to hear if anyone gas tried yet.

Don’t use a beta if you rely on your Mac. It will almost certainly break something.

Yeah I’m running on an m1 macmini 2020 16gb ram and it’s doing fine with 300k+ tracks

Roon server headless

Also firing up an iOS 16 and maybe iPadOS 16 remotes

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Is RAM usage any better? I’m currently finding that my core on an M1 starts out at around 3.5GB but, at some point (not sure what triggers it), it starts to creep up and becomes really sluggish at around 7GB. Restarting the core every day or so isn’t a huge issue (in fact I have a background script that does it for me), but it would be nice if I could just let it run without having to worry about it.

I run the Core on Linux and there happens the same. Monitoring the logs I have found out that the sudden memory usage increase corresponds mainly to the Tidal and Qobuz library syncs, and to metadata updates. Sometimes these batch processes are triggered by saving a new album into the library or, to the contrary, eliminating an album.

As Roon on the Mac platform still has not been released with .NET libraries, the memory management is far inferior. This was so on Linux, too, until the .NET version of Roon server was released some months ago. Now memory usage recovers after these batch processes, and I can run the Core for days without problem.

The good news is that Roon is working on the .NET version for Mac, and I am sure this will soon be released. Then you should observe a much improved memory usage behavior.

It seems like it’s inferior to the point of being non-existent at times – RAM is allocated, but not released.

Yep, I remember reading about that a few weeks ago. That, along with switching the core from Intel, should definitely help.

That was exactly my experience, too. I daily restarted the Core server. This now isn’t necessary anymore. I now have about 225.000 tracks in the library, and RAM usage is from 3,6 GB when freshly restarted and left alone or just playing some albums, to above 8 GB when running one of those sync batch jobs. But, afterwards RAM usage goes down again and may stay around 5 GB. That’s quite ok with this library size.

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One additional observation I have made is that running backup tasks frees a lot of memory. Garbage collection seems to be very effective after running backup. I have programmed several backup tasks to be executed between 3 am and 4 am in the early morning. One daily, another every four days, and a third once a month. Near every morning my Roon Core RAM usage is down to 3,5-4 GB…

Thanks. I do have regular backups scheduled, but haven’t checked RAM usage before and after. I’ll try it out next time it creeps up.

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