Anyone Completely Rebuild Their Library Since 1.8?

I’ve had more problems with Roon since the move to 1.8 (at least I think that’s when I can point back to all hell breaking loose) than I would like to admit, although the more-than-a-handful of still-unresolved support tickets I have open in this forum is a constant sad reminder.

I have two months before my account renews for another year, and if/when I leave Roon I’m going to have to rebuild my library on another tool anyway, so I figure it’s worth the effort to try to start from scratch with Roon. I’ve mostly decided to bail anyway due to the lack of actual customer support but they money’s already paid, might as well give it a try.

Has anyone else had to completely rebuild their library (since 1.8 would be a nice bonus but I’m curious using any version)? Was it worth the effort and did starting with an empty and fresh DB fix whatever issue you were encountering?


I just did that. I was having issues with audio devices not showing up in the picker, though they were present in settings. Plus Roon interface would stop responding on backup which would only be solved with reboot. The backup would not finish either. Restore from previous backups did not solve this problem

In all honesty, I think the problem was self created. I switched NUCs (8i5 to 8i7) when the i5 developed fan trouble. Just switched drives and booted up. I think perhaps a wipe, reinstall and restore might have been safer.

Anyway it’s a fresh start but yes, all problems are solved. Except my listening history. :frowning:

It depends what you mean by re-build your library. If you mean to re-tag / re-arrange tags in your local library you should decide which tool you are going to use and tag to suit that tool. Depending on genre I don’t think you will find that the tagging practice that works best for a roon local library will necessarily be interchangeable with other players.

For what it’s worth I found that to get the best out of roon I needed to completely re-tag my local library since about ver. 1.2. I cannot remember the exact version. Five years later, I am still re-tagging. At the beginning I thought I would be able to completely re-tag the entire library but I gave up years ago and only re-tag when I notice something now. This is very genre dependent. I found that roon makes quite a break with the past as regards Classical but much less so with other genres.

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