Anyone else having issues with BS Flex crashing/disappearing?

Just wondering if anyone else is having issues with their BS Flex randomly appearing to crash whilst playing or otherwise interacting with it, using current firmware? Stupidly I made the mistake of updating the firmware recently - I really should know better with BS devices! It used to work fine. I see that one ‘improvement’ is that logs are no longer accessible to users, which doesn’t exactly help debugging :roll_eyes:

Device shows blue light, remains connected to WiFi but becomes inaccessible from Roon or the BS app until rebooted. Feels like some sort of crash but without the BS logs it’s impossible to know. Obviously I’ll contact their support but I’m curious if others are experiencing the same. Up until it disappears completely, it works perfectly with no dropouts and WiFi signal is fine (yes, I know, never expect BS devices to work reliably via WiFi!).