Anyone else having issues with the forum tonight?

I am finding the whole forum to be slow and often not responding to page changes and adding in replies. This is across any device wired or wirelss. I dont have any issus with 3 other discourse forums I frequent it just appears to be Roons I am having issuse with tonigh. Any one else, it might be my ISP, I use Cloudflare DNS.

I’ve been dipping in and out of the forum for a couple of hours, haven’t noticed anything odd so far. I’m on a Virgin Internet subscription.

I’m on virgin but no problems with anything else just this place. Very odd.

It’s fine for me.

I blame the weather. British yawn

You’re on a virgin?? TMI.


Yes, I’m on Virginmedia. Had a couple of stuck browser tabs on Monday with just a whirly circle and nothing coming up when clicking on posts. Had to close the tab and reopen but only a few times. I had a 504 error over the weekend sometime too but don’t recall when. Other forums show no issues, just the Roon one.

EDIT: no sooner had I typed that when the started playing up too, taking about 30 seconds to download adverts on the page. So on a balance of probability I suspect VM are up to something.

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Wrong type of snow :joy::joy::joy::joy: