Anyone else having issues with Tidal and Sonos today?

Today, I am having a lot of issues with Tidal and Sonos. Playback stops every few mins. Though Sonos is not ever 100% reliable for me, today it is definitely worse. Playing back from my library is more consistent.

Did you ever got it to work reliably?

I actually find Sonos to be the perfect endpoint with Roon. I have had small issues with tidal but it has been solid sense I found my wireless issue.

Today and yesterday playback was much more consistent!

I am still having some issues with Sonos not playing sometimes but that doesnt happen too often and pressing play again usually fixes the problem.

Tidal is an online service. I am sure that been inconsistent using tidal but consistent using your local library shows that there might be a small issue starting at your WAN. Sonos is dependent on your WiFi so check with a WiFi analyzer that you have enough coverage where your Sonos speakers are.

Thank you for the reply. I also have inconsistent Sonos playback with my local music.

I am 100% sure my network is more than robust enough. I use Wireless AC and there are not other devices on that network (I have a dual band wireless router). Also, there are no other 5ghz networks in my neighborhood. I have zero issues streaming 1080p movies from my NAS upstairs to the various HTPC I have in my house via wireless.

I am confident that the issue with Sonos has something to do with Roon implementation and not my network. That being said, reliability has improved over the past few releases so I am not complaining at all.

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