Anyone else lost Joni Mitchell?

So, yesterday morning I was listening to this album via the Tidal App:

I added it as a favourite, it appeared in Roon…and I haven’t been able to play it since, either via Roon or Tidal. Has this vanished for everyone or is it personal? I’m based in the UK, fwiw.

This album isn’t in my collection, but I can neither find it in Roon nor TIDAL. Also in the UK.

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Thanks for checking…how curious…it’s even still in my play history on the Tidal App…looks like it has been pulled then :slightly_frowning_face:

Edit: Anyone who is interested can consider purchasing from Onkyo Music - I rather like it for the atmosphere it brings with it.

In my collection, nearly all Carlos Nakai Tidal albums disappeared a month ago. Then they were added again, something like 10 days ago. So check it back again later. You may have to add it again. So try it in a few days again!

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That’s vanished for me too.

Don’t it always seem to go
That you don’t know what you’ve got
'Till it’s gone?


With the vagaries of streaming music licensing, your paradise today can turn into a parking lot tomorrow.



Stuff happens, I had to pull a video yesterday as the artist wanted a re mix, it’s back up now and she is happy. I expect it’s a lot more complicated for streaming companies.
The lesson is, to buy the Crown Jewels of your collections if you can as you never know…

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Not available on Tidal Brazil, either. I don’t know if it was previously. There is a healthy selection of other Joni Mitchell releases, though.

Yes. That’s why there is a market for Qobuz Sublime+ which offers discounts toward music download purchases, in addition to Hi-Res 24-bit streaming. (Part of the Qobuz Hi-Res catalogue is restricted to purchase but not streaming anyway.)

That does seem to make sense as a model - it’s a shame Tidal doesn’t offer anything similar.

That said, in a world where budgets aren’t unlimited it’s really, really hard to persuade myself to purchase access to the same album twice, however much I might appreciate the ethical and practical arguments for doing so. I suspect this tension will exist for some time to come.

It’s the pains of licensing. Netflix will suffer the same soon for video when they loose the entire Disney/Marvel catalog.

My no 1 reason for dreading streaming services. This has happened to my albums on numerous occasions, so I’ve decided to buy my music and store it safely. Disk is (relatively) cheap, after all…

I’d be happy to have only purchased an album twice!
Some I have purchased as an 8 track tape,cassette tape, vinyl, bluray, CD and now streaming.
I feel in my old age I’ve done more than my share to support my favourite artists!


I think I have bought enough petrol… I wonder if they agree :joy:

If they would give us a warning, it would be nice.

Warning would be great before the event, but I’d even settle for notification after.

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Agreed it’s my no 1 reason for not getting dependent on Tidal, add to that thoughts of Tidal demise