Anyone ever compared or used medi (audio) server vs roon?

just wondering, as i was talking to an audio retailer on using a better system than i currently have for my LPS 1/Micro rendu/Roon/Tidal/10 yr old laptop setup…

looking at a synology nas 216 with WD red harddrive (currenty using 10 yr old laptop)…might buy an ipad with some ipeng app that supposedly allows an ipad to be a Roon endpoint…perhaps upgrading to ultra rendu, replacing usb/cat cables with.some in-akustic (germany) cables.(i’m using ifi mercury usb cable from MR to ifi micro idsd)…he was suggesting meti server was (in his op) better sounding than Roon (but more complex to setup)…doesn’t really matter to me as i’m already now a lifetime Roon member.

im still learning…so much of this is still new to me, network wise.

Can you provide any info on “meti server?” Google shows nothing at all related to this topic.

yes i’ve asked the retailer to send me the link…i can’t find it either…sorry …but will share as soon as i hear back of course.

If info on Meti sever can’t be found on Google and “better sounding” is based on the judgement of a single individual who happens to be a retailer, I for one knows the answer already. I’m heading through the door and save myself countless hours of experimentation on a music server the vast majority of the world and audiophiles (since there’s no info online) have never heard of.
Just my 2 cents, though.

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i hear you …vendor said it was ‘medi audio’ but nothing comes up.
so i’ve emailed him for more clarification.

Nothing for that, either. If this (whatever the name) is so obscure, I’d steer clear of it.