Anyone find scrolling through tracks list difficult?

I use the track view a lot from my tablet. I find that scrolling using my finger from the right side scroll bar is very difficult. The list moves too fast and very little movement of my finger results in a huge jump so its virtually impossible for me to get to the position in the track listing I want. The best I can do is get in the vicinity.

So my suggestions:
Make finger scrolling a bit slower or intelligent. For example, when I use Kodi, scrolling starts out slowly at first but if I continue to scroll it will speed up.

Make finger scrolling not so sensitive

Have a pop up that shows the position of whatever column is being sorted on while scrolling. For example, if I am sorting my Artists, show the first letter of the Artist I am at (A, B, etc). If I am sorting by date or playcount, or DR or whatever other field is possible show the relevant position data dynamically as I am scrolling so I know where I am at.

+1 I also find scrolling page by page difficult if not impossible.

Perhaps a thread move to Feature Requests :smiley: @andybob

Although I think it could be better, and I’ll move this to Feature Requests, you can tap the scroll bar to move quickly down the list to approximately where you want to be. If you keep your finger on the tablet as you swipe up, it moves down the list at the speed of your finger swipe. Swiping and letting go moves much faster.

Of course, using the new filter will take you to exact matches.

Cheers, Greg