Anyone got the FiiO M11 yet

Interesting question re the storage location…maybe it might work but shutting the core down every time you want to go mobile would be a pain, and while it is a storage device I don’t think it can be used as an endpoint.

Will get mine next week I hope. As for audio quality I can’t see it being too bad.

You can install the Roon Android app but don’t get bit perfect playback on the FiiO as Android messes about with the audio and resamples audio to the systems preferred rate. Roon currently cannot by pass this shortcoming as its not been written for it. Some music applications such as FiiO’s own music app and USB Audio Pro bypass the Android system audio and allow bit perfect playback at native sample rates. Roon are planning on changing this and working on a new app to allow bit perfect and hires playback. When this will arrive is anybodies guess.


Prepare for a disappointment if using Roon app. Its not great at all from my experiences on Android drop outs, click all sorts of nasties when the screen goes off and this on two different devices.

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Yes when you are taking on a normal android OS on a phone. The FiiO based android music player is unique that it is modified to be bit perfect (no sample rate conversion) so any third party apps that can output bit perfect to its internal DAC without using UAPP. I’ve tried using Roon remote installed in my previous FiiO X5III android based music player and output via SPDIF to an external DAC. The output sample rates remain the same as the source. e.g. 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96k. The only draw back of Roon remote is that the maximum sample is limited to 96k.

Oh did not know that thanks for correcting me. That’s much better than I thought.

I hope Roon will have its native app(in the roadmap) that uses UAPP to playback on normal android OS and iOS at the same time function as a remote. That is a dream come true…:grin:

And it has worked flawlessly for me over 4 years on 7 different Android devices. That is my experience.

Not on my oneplus 5 or Galaxy s 2. Glitchy as hell and I am not the only one

I have the x7ii… Does this mean if i take the optical out from the x7ii and us it as roon endpoint it will be bitperfect to 96khz?

As far as sampling rates are concerned, they remain the exact to the source files sampling rates. As bit size is concerned, Roon remote may down size from 24 to 16bit but I’ve no way to verify this, as my external DAC only display sampling rates.

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I’ve had the Fiio M11 almost a month and I like it better than my NW-WM1Z. My library is loaded on SD and I use it all day at work. Dual SD’s are great and the 4.4, 3.5 and 2.5 outputs allow me to switch various IEM’s without adapters. The UI of the Fiio music player is very slick and you can’t beat the price. Gets my rec.

I just got told yesterday (again) the shipment its delayed arriving so from mid June to early July and now mid July. So I have ordered from Aliexpress FiiO shop - they had 15 available… now 14 or maybe even less. it’s coming DHL 6-13 days so I will ultimately cancel the local shop unit order assuming its shipped to me in the coming days and then I will have it. Cost was a fraction cheaper…hope no warranty issues.

In the meantime I got the FH7 IEM’s and am very happy with them too.

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@MusicFidelity Guy its shipping via DHL today…might just get it next week so happy days.

The CCA C16’s arrived today too…quite bright but nothing like the FiiO FH7 for great sound. Still a fun little snack.

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Pretty cool man! Hope for a mini review here😁

Pretty impressed with FiiO AliExpress shop. Ordered Wednesday, confirmed Thursday, shipped Friday and out for delivery now to arrive today (Saturday).

So happy to start loading up some tracks for traveling in a couple of weeks if not sooner.

I love AliExpress

How much you paid overall including shipping with AliExpress?

US$459.99 free shipping and declared value was US$85 :rofl: so no duty. FiiO store rocks :star_struck:


I’m replying this message on the M11 but I can’t find how to achieve a screen shot yet

Currently using Roon on M11. Works just like the regular Android version which means

  • Roon volume is not tied to device hardware volume control
  • Output maxes out at 24/96 despite the device’s ability to play higher res files
  • Audio is output to the Android mixer despite the ability to bypass it in Android based DAPs.