Anyone have a dedicated smartphone just for Roon?

I have a Moto 5 Plus and the connection with the Roon core is always fluctuating with how much bandwidth is available. I have two routers: one comes together with my internet provider’s modem (Arris C8E5-5G) and we added the other via ethernet (TP-Link AX5400 WiFi 6 Router (Archer AX73)). Roon core is located in my PC (Windows 10) and I use SGC i5 Transporter server and OpticalRendu players in two regions with an additional wifi connection to a PowerNode. The Roon connection is optimized on the additional Archer network we added, but then access to the internet is limited. And vice-versa using the provider’s Arris router. Does it make sense to get a second smartphone just for Roon operations and leave the Moto 5 Plus for all other internet acivity? That way I could use each network for its optimum function. Can you even do that using the same modem?

I don’t understand networking enough to answer that aspect of your question but I do use a dedicated tablet for Roon control.
Because of the limited screen space on phones there are less options (DSP settings for example) when using Roon Remote on a phone versus a tablet.

@Steven_Hecht, it’s not clear if this is a general discussion, or you wish to request assistance. For now, I’ve put the thread in the general #roon category. Please reach out to me if you’d like it moving to #support.

However, I suspect the difficulties you allude to are a consequence of the way your network is set up. Ideally, you should use the Arris is modem only / passthrough mode, and turn off its Wi-Fi completely. No devices, besides the Archer should connect to this device.

Set up the Archer for all your netwrk and Wi-Fi needs.

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What Martin said. Your problems will go away if you eliminate one of the routers.

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Your advice agrees with what I was told by the tech support person for my internet provider (Sparklight aka CXable One). Thanks! She mentioned that we’d need to change our passwords for the smartphones, PCs, FireSticks, etc. that will run on the Archer network.

She was most likely referring to the Wi-Fi setup. However, this is unnecessary since you can recreate the same Wi-Fi network (SSID) in the Archer that uses the same password.