Anyone have any idea why MOFI don't stream their masters?

I would have thought there is a market here, either for them to have their own streaming platform or to piggy back on Tidal for an extra charge.

Certainly I’d be willing to pay €2-3 per month for access to their catalogue which is certainly more than they are making from me at the moment.

Just listening to this brought it to mind.


Contracts, as usual, I presume.

I suppose but if I pay the extra few quid to Tidal and then when I play a MOFI Blood on the Track and they send a few quid Bob’s way, surely it’s a win-win? Cause Bob won’t get any standard Tidal money from me anyway as I have all hi stuff.
It’s another way to flog us what we’ve already bought and they are usually good at that!


They need to rerelease and sell via digital downloads. There are loads of people including myself looking for some of the albums. The same goes for Audio Fidelity releases.

If they are worried about piracy it’s too late they are already all out there.