Anyone have both Allo DigiOne and Allo USBridge?


Does anyone have both, if so are the similar in sound?

I have a DigiOne and I see it gets a lot of love on here, just wondering how the USBridge compares?


I have both, don’t know which I prefer and haven’t tried to listen critically to decide. I like them both though and currently USBridge is in the system.

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Hi, I have both the USBridge and the DigiOne plus a Raspberry Pi with Hifiberry. In my specific system (Metrum Pavane DAC - Naim 252/300DR - Naim SL2) I was surprised that the SQ of the USBridge is clearly better than the DigiOne via BNC. The Pavane obviously likes USB. Regards, William


Thanks both.

I’ve ordered a USBridge to try it out. Unfortunately my AV pre/pro doesn’t take USB input, so I’ll have to use my Mojo with the USBridge so it won’t be a true test against the DigiOne with AV pre/pro DAC.


Does the Allo DigiOne work well with DietPi? Pretty easy to select it as the output?

Yes. Very easy with DietPi as the driver is available.

Any special install needed?

Yes. You have to select the audio output in the configuration menu of dietpi. For this, you need to log on to the Pi using Putty, for example. No Linux skills needed, however. Just log on, type dietpi-config, and navigate in the menu…

Gotcha. I can do that. :slight_smile: Selectign is easy. Didn’t know if I had to manually install a driver.