Anyone have feedback on the impact/extent of the improvements to the convolution engine with Build 259?

I am traveling and away from my Roon setup (still waiting patiently for the remote location capabilities, but long trips really emphasize how important it is!), and I ask that those of you who have experimented with convolution since the new build share your findings.

My previous results with convolution on my sonicTransporter i7:

Thanks! (and apologies for my impatience)

I use convolution on a modern computer (i7 4.5 Ghz, 16 Gb of memory) and the latest build put the processing speed from around 20 to over 30, so its definitely an improvement. CPU usage in task manager is around 0.6%. This is when playing a normal Tidal track, I don’t have a DSD capable DAC so I can’t test that.

See here for signal path (its room correction + house curve + up sampling to 88/96 + volume leveling):

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Interesting that you are doing your house curve/PEQ after convolution instead of before. I wonder if before/after has any impact on SQ.

I’m with @Magnus on this one.
There is a really nice processing improvement jump. In the previous version on Roon I have a few .dsf files(DSD64) that I couldn’t convert any higher due to CPU processing overload. Now they convert with no issues. I don’t have access to the nice pretty screenshots but I’m really loving what the team has done.

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I don’t think it matters, but after feels more logical since the convolution is the room correction which makes the sound flat, and then the house curve modifies to your liking.

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@brian since we have discussed this topic in the past, do you think Build 259 is now optimized to the point where it allows a dual-core i7 Roon Core to handle simultaneus up-sampling to 352.8kHz/384kHz/DSD256 + convolution?

“It depends”. On the details of the filters, the source material, and the number of zones. But I think you’ll get a lot further than you did before…only one way to find out.

thanks. once i’m back from my trip i’ll give it another go and let you know the results.