Anyone have Roon Desktop for Windows running in a VM?

I hate the fact there’s no Roon client for Linux desktops and that tablet clients are treated as second class citizens, but have also given up hoping that one will ever appear, or that the tablet clients will ever become the equal of the desktop clients. I’m wanting to build a new 16 core Ryzen based PC, throw a crapload of RAM at it and install that virus otherwise known as Windows in a VM, so that I can enjoy Roon in much the same fashion as Windows and OSX users when wanting to use convolution, export files, tags, logs etc. Before I burn cash only to find it doesn’t work, does anyone have Roon for Windows running successfully (without compromised video resolution) in a VM running on Linux? God, who’d have thought I’d be forced to use that crap again.

Make sure that you have OpenGL 3 available within your VM. I once tried to install Roon in a VirtualBox Windows 10 VM and it failed at this point.

I managed to get the Roon client running in a VM sitting on a reasonably robust server. I configured the thing to provide enough graphics support to run the client – however, the graphics performance was horrific and I gave up.