Anyone having Qobuz streaming issues today?

Just to be clear, if I have to put myself in a “camp” I’m a 1.8 lover, nice job Roon, but today I’ m seeing pretty much all of the tracks streamed from Qobuz (my only streaming service) getting slow loading issues and skipping forward part way through. It was probably 20 or 30 tracks ago since I had anything from Qobuz play to the end successfully. My locally stored files play 100% OK.

I realise it might well be an issue with my ISP or with Qobuz servers. After a new release poor Roon gets blamed for everything including someone’s tea going cold but I was just wondering if others are seeing the same problem right now.

I’m in the U.K. if that makes a difference in case it’s down to a regional Qobuz problem.

Julian, I’m in the UK and haven’t seen this, all playing normally for me.

Yes Qobuz (via roon integration) is slow to load here too. i got the skipping thing initially but i rebuilt roon and my database from the ground up and cleaned up Qobuz by removing duplicate albums etc.

I’m not sure if 1.8 simply showed up the errors 1.7 was hiding or Qobuz via 1.8 was playing catch-up but its stable now albeit a little slow.

My biggest improvement came from a the total rebuild, which didn’t take long to be honest! It would take longer to read all the complaints on this forum!! :wink:

No Qobuz issues here (in Germany).

Seems like a great idea if you don’t have a lot of playlists and bookmarks and liked songs/albums. All of that disappears when you rebuild. Oh, and all your metadata edits and album merging and any other bit of grooming you’ve done.

I Don’t use those option fortunately! I use Qobuz on the move mostly, so download to my iPhone.
If there’s something i want to listen to at home i add it to my library, which will then be visible in roon

Thanks everyone who replied, I do appreciate the input.

I’ll have another go this evening. Maybe it was a transient (I hope) issue with my broadband connectivity. Interestingly though it was only happening with Roon Radio choices. I successfully played a couple of whole albums from Qobuz that I had added to my library which makes me discount some of the obvious possibility such as WAN or LAN network issues.

I’ll post an update once I’ve done a few hours of listening tonight on the off chance that anyone cares! If I do get constant skips again I should also try playing to a different endpoint just in case it is an endpoint-specific issue.

As promised, an update; in fact I’m pretty certain a conclusion. It was nothing to do with Qobuz, it was an endpoint problem coupled with what I consider to be a maybe unavoidably misleading Roon error message.

The problem was just as bad tonight but both evenings I was using my brand new Chord Hugo 2 DAC + 2Go streamer connected via WiFi. Rebooting the Roon core & logging out and back into Qobuz didn’t fix the constant skips so I tried changing the endpoint to my hard-wired KEF LS0W and those were fine.

I’m now back on my Chord Hugo2/2Go but this time I have the device(s) sitting on my sofa to the left of me rather than to the right of me so about 1.5m closer to my WiFi router and it is now playing stuff from Qobuz with zero skips. I can only assume that the reason I didn’t see skips on local content last night might have been simply because I had moved the device to the left of me when I started trying (and succeeding) with locally stored content.

Maybe there’s some deep architectural reason why Roon can’t tell the difference between a problem downloading the source data and a problem with the connection to the end point otherwise I wouldn’t have pointed the finger at Qobuz but at least it seems to be fixed now and another repeater for my WiFi mesh system is now ordered and hopefully on its way to me.