Anyone having search issues?

Lately I’ve had weird search problems when Roon can’t find things that I know are there. Here’s an example where the thing I’m searching for is on the screen and playing… but in search Roon says it isn’t there.

Here’s a shot of the calling up “Manu Katche.” As you can see, Manu Katche is already up and a song is playing.

Here’s the result I get.

I don’t see the album you are playing, is it in your library?
He shows up in two appearances in my library.
My search finds two Tidal albums and a bunch appearances:

Two Tidal albums:

Appearances in my library:

And some unavailable tracks in Tidal:

a ha if I go to Manu Katche the composer I get a lot more albums and the one you are showing.
But the tracks are unavailable…???

Note in the first pic the song “Clubbing” is being played. Note the album open is “Playground.” Obviously the album is in my library because it is open and a song from it is being played.

When typing in “Manu Katche” the terms come up in auto fill (from a previous attempt to search for the terms).

When “Manu Katche” is clicked on as the terms to search for, Roon says there are no results (2nd pic)… even though the previous screen shows the Manu Klatche album “Playground” while Roon plays a song from it.

It’s interesting the tracks aren’t available to you in your search. But at least it comes up.